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Married is a journey, let us create you the best trip on yours New Life.

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Work hard, travel the world, meet beautiful people and BUILT AN EMPIRE.

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Our mission is to transform as many lives as possible and turn every customer into a friend, through the power of living richly. As an active team, our commitment is to help everybody achieve their long life travel dreams and also suggest them as many things as possible. We believe in the power of will, in discovery, adventure and sustainable living.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">WEDDING PACKAGES &amp; VENUES&nbsp;</span>
Miston Tours is here for you!

Our team is able to plan, organise your wedding even and honeymmon in the place you have dreamed for. Stop worry and search about. Just contact to us and send us a brief of how you and yoour partner have dreamed this special day.

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<span style="font-weight: bold;">MICE</span><br>
We will gladly advise you on the tour options in order to choose the most suitable one. We are always interested in getting you the best business trip deals, without additional costs or extra time spent for preparation.

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<span style="font-weight: bold;">LUXURY BOOKINGS</span><br>
You’ve already chosen your destination, but need help in booking a a special service, privancy and a luxury hotel? We will be more than happy to assist you with this! Just let us know your destination and we'll find the best accommodation for you.

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Get matched to top tailor-made travel specialists

Each of us can dream a great vacation. But it can be hard work to make it happen — and to find a travel agent who truly specializes in your trip. At Miston Tours, we carefully select the world's best boutique tour companies to find the perfect travel specialists for you.

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Connected with the most knowledgeable travel specialists for your vacation.


We plan your travel beyond your imagination with unique experiences recommended by our experts .


Time to experience the wonder of an exceptional itinerary crafted just for you.
Wine & Cheese Destinations 
Greece - the land of culinary delights!
Greece - the land of culinary delights!
5 steps to the perfect trip
Miston Tours planning begins the minute you submit our private trip request form. Using sophisticated technology and in-depth human know-how, we with our experts identify your interests to craft your specific vacation. We then compete to concoct the perfect vacation recipe — and the dish is ready.

You email us the destinations, dates and what you like to do for fun.

We match you with 2-3 top travel specialists of Miston Tours and consider your private information in order to design your trip.

We are offering you our expert advice and developing detailed proposals.

You confirm us the ideal itinerary of 2-3 different options we designed especially for you.

The trip is on!

Leave you dream ,
trust the wisdom
of experts!
Leave you dream , trust the wisdom of experts!

Luxury Tours, Vacations & dreamy wedding events

Miston Tours is naturally head of the class when it comes to luxury travel planning in Greece. Each of our specialist partners undergoes rigorous screening before they can join our network. We get extra coaching to keep our services at world-leading levels. And we must show, on every trip, that our guests give them top grades for this hard work and creativity.
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